Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Many cleaning suggestions concentrate on do-it-yourself remedies, but from time to time, the job is simply too large to be handled independently or requires tools that are not so easily accessible. This is when industrial cleaning companies should step in. To make certain you select the right commercial cleaning company, be sure to ask several important questions before making a choice.

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How will you determine how to clean our center?

A company should get to understand your company’s unique needs, as well as areas of attention and expected effects. Buildingstars International consults with the customer to develop a Customer Expectation Document and steps all action against it, ensuring that no detail has been overlooked.

How green are you?

Cleaning products must be useful for the environment at large, not simply your workplace. Ask the possible cleaning business in the event the goods and procedures they use are environmentally friendly. Since Buildingstars International proves, green cleansing may also be a bonus financially, as green processes can increase efficiencies and reduce overall price.

What kinds of facilities do you typically clean?

Does the company clean a huge variety of facilities, or do they focus on a smaller variety? Do they know how to correctly clean facilities where health is of extreme importance, like hospitals and schools? For instance, Buildingstars has special programs designed especially for academic settings, reducing prices and even sickness and absenteeism.

How do we contact you?

Take care to pick a business that makes calling them easy in the event of problems, questions, or concerns. Buildingstars supplies a Client Service Manager who can answer all questions and sends quarterly email polls to guarantee customer satisfaction. Click here for choosing a commercial cleaning service

How long are you in business?

While a newer firm could offer great service, it is less risky to select a business with an impressive history of success. Buildingstars has been providing exceptional service to leading commercial companies for more than two years!
Your company’s space deserves the utmost cleaning and care. Asking these questions today could prevent hassle down the street — and choosing Buildingstars International could be the best answer of all.

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