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Brands are building partnerships with social media influencers to reach wider audiences across the globe. Influencer advertising is a chance for brands to work with social media using a well-defined and social sociable networking marketing strategy.

According to Social Networking studies ÔÇÿFor each dollar spent on influencer advertising, marketers see an average of $7.65 in earned media value returnedÔÇÖ

This is the power of influencer advertising. Hence it is possible to see a lot of brands wanting to be associated with popular social networking influencers to advertise their brand.

When a company makes the decision to go with influencer marketing they’ll be spoilt for choice with many kinds of influencer marketing approaches.

Here we will dive into eight different forms of influencer marketing campaigns that you may utilize to bring brand awareness.

1. Host Giveaways

Out of all of the influencer marketing campaigns which we see on interpersonal media, giveaway campaigns are very popular due to the simplicity and the mutual advantage that it brings along with it.

Hosting giveaways provide a high amount of guaranteed growth in the form of social activities such as follow, like, share, retweet and remark. Additionally, this brings a great degree of obvious benefits such as brand awareness generated due to the elevated creativity of the influencer content.

Running a giveaway effort is quite easy in which the influencer asks the audience simple things such as enter their emails, like a post, comment on a post, answer a few questions in a contest, after which the winner is selected and the winning prize is announced. This also improves the brand consciousness and

For example an excellent way to acquire followers join the giveaway competition would be to ask them to tag their friends on social websites to go into a contest.

2. Social Media Takeover

Social networking takeover is a type of influencer advertising which is utilized to increase brand exposure and give interesting content to the audience. Social media takeover is like relinquishing the reins and allowing an influencer to navigate your brand advertising on social media.

A social media takeover is partnering with a societal networking influencer whose character aligns with your own brand. They need to be allowed to curate content to your brandÔÇÖs social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for an agreed period of time.

For instance when Capital One handed over their Instagram into Instagram influencers for a period of 5 months, by asking them to post images of interesting artifacts within their wallets, nine of those images were turned to Instagram ads.

Brands take up social media takeover to advertise events with the assistance of the influencers who integrate interactive features contests, question-and-answer sessions, sharing selfies, etc. to further engage followers.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system that relies on partners in boosting products. It can promote a merchandise sale onsite or may also be redirected to your site. When a sale happens through this, the affiliate spouse will get rewarded or paid in accordance with the agreement. The influencer receives a commission on all revenue generated as a consequence of their content and sway.

This procedure provides benefits to both the parties where you receive a sale and the affiliate gets paid for making a sale happen. Here you’re able to attract influencers from the affiliate community, and seek their assistance in promoting your product.

This is a superb method of influencer advertising where it encourages the influencer to actively support the product simply because they also get the benefit whenever a sale is made.

4. Sponsored Social Media Content

Whenever you have excellent content and ready to be sent out, it may be drowned in the noise on social networking. Thus Dealing with influencers who will produce and market social media content is your best bargain. The influencer creates and posts content to advertise your brand in their social media accounts.

Supply the influencer a set of tips around the kind of content that you anticipate to get created and promoted. Once they are ready with the content you can start the influencer marketing with the content being printed by the influencer on different social networking platforms.

Here the influencer needs to be compensated to create content and market your merchandise. You can even offer a free or discounted product in exchange for marketing.

5. Presents

This is still another variant of influencer advertising where you send products to an influencer expecting for free promotion.

In this kind of influencer advertising the influencers are exceptionally enthusiastic at getting free presents, therefore their responses could be immobilized into awesome content to kick start your campaign. Additionally, it helps to create relationships with the influencers in the long term. When the influencer loves your product it turns into a positive product review on interpersonal media.

And added to you can increase sales when you provide your influencers using a product link or a coupon code that may be used by them to promote your product.

Lo & Sons talented free products to influencers who had 100,000 followers or longer. They also got them to make sponsored articles to the effort. Popular Instagrammer, Paola Mathe, that has over 131,000 followers on Instagram cited Lo & Sons in most of her articles and promoted the product.

6.Sponsored Blog Posts

Websites are turning out to be the most reliable sources of information online. Hence brands are turning to influencer bloggers to leverage the confidence of their own audiences. Here you can pay influencer bloggers to write a post about you on their own blogs.

There are two types of sponsored blogs. One variety of blog is a post that’s dedicated to your brand. This blog talks only about your product and services and also can offer discount codes for purchases.

Another variety of sponsored blog article is where you can ask the sponsored blogger to add a mention about your brand in posts where similar products and services have been discussed.

In both situations an influencer can be used to write about your own brand consequently increasing the visibility of your merchandise.

Watch how Chi├¬un Anh Urban, a childrenÔÇÖs book writer, got influencers to market her activity publications.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be quite an effective way to promote your brand by working with influencers. This way is easy and unique in which you just need to discover some influencers in your market who’s also writing blogs and accepting sites.

Guest blogging could be done in two manners. One is to accept guest posts to your site. Guest blogging increases your exposure and thus enhances brand awareness. The guest blogger is more prone to share your article in his community that boosts your brand and thus forcing visitors to the site article.

The second will be to submit your post to websites and sites that are relevant to your business. Find influencers and publishers that are ready to post articles about your business and reach out to them seeing submitting a guest article. It will increase your authority and credibility and expose your brand to potential new followers and customers.

Watch the way the marketing director of Klout, Megan Berry, hits Huffington Post with a series of guest posts articles.

8.Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassadors are individuals using your products and love them to such an extent that they’re ready to promote it for you. Many brands are cooperating with brand ambassadors to take influencer marketing to the next level. This is one of the easy ways of influencer marketing since these people are already prepared to market your product and you donÔÇÖt have to pursue them too much.

Within this kind of influencer marketing, the brand ambassador shares images, articles, videos, and articles relating to your product on an ongoing basis and promotes them on social media.

Lookout and list your own new ambassadors, who can allow you to promote your brand-new. Many brands like Prezi and Hootsuite have produced new ambassador applications to work for the better of the brands. You can also check out influencer marketing agency Los Angeles


The theory behind influencer advertising is that by participating with influencers on social media, they will relay your new messages to their greatly powerful networks thereby exp0sing your brand to a larger audience. Since influencers have a huge fan following at their disposal, it becomes easier for manufacturers to tap into their audience by sending it through the influencers whose opinion and opinions carries a lot of value to the audience.

Influencer marketing campaigns are helpful to connect with the social networking audience and can be carried out in various procedures. Some of the aforementioned kinds of influencer marketing approaches will certainly bring about more value to your campaigns.

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