The Advantages of Having Your Wedding in a Reception Hall

10 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner for Your D-Day

Weddings are usually planned months, if not a year, in advance. A large part of the reason for this is that locations can be fully booked for months at a time, making it difficult to get in unless a cancellation occurs. Making plans a year or more in advance can backfire if someone has already claimed the date.

Wedding reception at the Reception Hall:

The location of the ceremony is another factor to consider when planning a wedding. Where do you want it to be? Do you have a favourite location, or are you open to new possibilities?

Consider the Renaissance’s beachfront location, which can host a wedding while providing the ideal backdrop. It doesn’t get much better than a wedding on the beach on a gorgeous sunny day.

You can save money while still having a wonderful day.

Combining the wedding venue and reception hall has the added benefit of lowering costs. There is no need to hire a limo service; instead, it is a short distance from the beach to the reception hall, easily travelled in minutes rather than the better part of an hour. You can also check out
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Managing the Weather at a Wedding

If the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor wedding, the Renaissance offers an indoor chapel. Perform your vows in a separate room where guests are seated as if in a church, then proceed into the reception hall to begin the festivities. However, if the weather is ideal, there is an outdoor chapel available for your ceremonies.

Organizing the Ideal Event

The advantages of combining the ceremony and reception hall have the overall effect of lowering costs and uncertainties while meeting all of your requirements. Event planners are available to assist a bride and groom in making their dreams and desires a reality.

All services are handled under one roof, eliminating the need to scout for a location and then try to find an available date.

Take advantage of the Renaissance’s offerings to eliminate potential issues while keeping costs under control. It almost ensures the perfect wedding.

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