What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

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Paintless Dent Fix (PDR), also known as Paintless Dent Removal, is an environmentally-friendly repair method that restores an automobile’s body to a factory-like condition in a fraction of the time in a fraction of the cost. The paintless dent repair process involves four primary steps, outlined below:

1. Assess the damage
2. Apply slow pressure to work out the dent

Learn more about those four steps below.

PDR Process and Techniques

Each day, countless Dent Wizard’s PDR technicians throughout the nation safely restore vehicles to their original factory condition without undermining an automobile’s first painted finish, or even a customer’s wallet.

Read on to find out how Dent Wizard’s paintless dent repair process–that we initiated over 32 years ago–functions to restore vehicles to their pre-damage condition.

Assess the Damage

The very first step to any fixing method is to assess the damage. Where is the dent? How big is the dent? How do we get to the dent? After assessing the damage and deciding if it could be effectively removed through PDR (as 80-90% of dents are)we prepare the region round the dent to the fix.

Gain Entry to The Dent

generally, PDR requires one to get the backside of the dent, which means carefully removing body panels, tail lights, or in some cases, interior panels. To do PDR, you need a pathway to the dent.

When we’ve got access to a dent, it’s time to carry out the PDR restoration.

Get A Better Look at the Dent

Dent Wizard uses a special light board to present our technician a better look in the offending dent out of his or her perspective. The board displays a shadow of this dent, telling the tech where to exactly put tools on the rear end of the dent to massage the entire body back to its initial condition. You can also check out The Hail Spa

Apply Slow Pressure to Work outside the Dent

Special tools are subsequently utilized to carefully massage the exterior back to its initial position.

The PDR process can be completed with same-day service, based on a dent’s seriousness, and the results are amazing; even more so considering the way non-invasive and quick that the procedure actually is.

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